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What is Creative Brew?

Creative Brew is an online collective established to bring like-minded creatives together.

Here, individuals will discuss their journeys leading to their current ventures and provide the best advice for pursuing your passions or a career in the creative industries.


Who is Creative Brew for?

We’re a friendly bunch here at Creative Brew and we want our site to be used by people of all ages and backgrounds.

So whether you’re a student looking for some help nailing down a career, looking to take your artistic passions further or want to establish connections with people whose work you enjoy, this is the blog for you!

The team behind Creative Brew. – the online creative collective.

Creative Brew is looked after by Jonny McIntosh.

Jonny McIntosh

After studying an English Literature degree at the University of Glasgow and completing a Publishing MSc at Edinburgh Napier University, Jonny is now working as an editorial assistant for a content agency in Glasgow

Having worked with a bunch of hugely talented people along the way, Creative Brew is an ideal opportunity to showcase the work of these individuals and begin growing a new creative community.

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