Creative Brew Interview: Angela Catlin – Photographer

Creative Brew Interview: Angela Catlin - Photographer

For photographer and photojournalist Angela Catlin, photography’s greatest strength lies in its ability to place inspire individuals to unite as a powerful force for change.

Throughout her career Angela has travelled the world to give voice to pressing cultural stories that the media has overlooked and she has recently released her second portrait book, Natural Light II: A Book of Portraits of Scottish Authors.

Here, Angela discusses how she got involved in photography, her career so far and what she believes are the necessary skills needed to establish a career in the profession.

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Creative Brew Interview: Ruth MacGilp – Fashion Blogger

Creative Brew Interview: Ruth MacGilp - Urbanity Fashion Blogger

For fashion blogger Ruth MacGilp, following your creative passions is crucial.

Ever since she was a young girl, Ruth has channeled her love of fashion into everything she does.

From choosing to study fashion textiles at university and setting up her own fashion blog, to playing a crucial role in the Edinburgh-based Scottish Design Exchange, Ruth has utilised every opportunity to carve out a career in the industry she adores.

Here, Ruth discusses her professional career so far, her zeal for fashion blogging and how the innovative Edinburgh-based Scottish Design Exchange has offered her a myriad of exciting opportunities.

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Creative Brew Interview: Keara Donnachie – Sandstone Press

Creative Brew Interview: Keara Donnachie - Sandstone Press

Scottish book publishers have introduced audiences worldwide to some of the most tragic, reviled and revered characters in literature.

From the other-worldly narratives spun by George MacDonald and Alasdair Gray and the seedy worlds of Ian Rankin, Denise Mina and Irvine Welsh, to the intimate confessions of Scotland’s Makar, Jackie Kay, the creative spark inherent in Scottish Literature is astounding in both its diversity and literary scope.

But how do you get involved in such a dynamic industry?

Keara Donnachie, Publicity Officer at the Dingwall-based Sandstone Press, reveals how she got started in the book publishing industry, why she loves witnessing an author’s work come to life and shares her best advice on how to get involved in a similar role.

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Creative Brew Interview: Jill Smyth – Ginger Rosie Crafts

Creative Brew Interview: Jill Smyth - Ginger Rosie Crafts

Jill Smyth, artist and owner of Ginger Rosie Crafts, reveals how encouragement from her mum inspired her to follow her artistic passions and leave her corporate career behind.

Read on to discover how Ginger Rosie Crafts has enabled Jill to expand her creative repertoire, surround herself with like-minded creatives and why she feels it’s so important that you focus your efforts on working in a career that you love.

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Creative Brew Interview: Kathleen Morgan – Editor

Creative Brew Interview: Kathleen Morgan - Editor

Editor Kathleen Morgan reveals how her childhood passion for journalism led her to forge a career in the industry.

Here, Kathleen shares the highlights of her career so far – including interviewing the Star Wars alumni Ewan McGregor and his uncle Denis Lawson – and pinpoints the skills necessary to forge a successful career in today’s ever-changing media landscape.

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Creative Brew Interview: Alix Thomazi – Graphic Designer


London-based graphic designer Alix Thomazi tested out a number of potential career options before landing her ideal role in the magazine publishing industry.

Thanks to studying literature and an MSc in criminology along the way, Alix was able to realise her true talents and passions along the way and champions the idea in putting yourself out there as much as possible.

Read on to discover Alix’s career path, her design inspirations and why she feels interning is crucial to getting yourself known.

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Interview: John Pender – Illustrator & Magazine Designer

John and his son - who is a massive fan of the Gorgeous George books!

Creative Brew Interview

Our first interview is with the super talented John Pender. A Glasgow-based magazine designer by day and a children’s book illustrator by night, John has always had a passion for creating artworks that really engage with his audiences.

Read on to find out more about John’s professional journey, the artists who influenced him and why he feels it’s important to continually chase your innate creative spark.

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Creative Brew Music – What’s on our radar

Creative Brew music

Creative Brew Music Radar

This week, the Creative Brew team has been hard at work updating the website, making contacts and knocking some interviews into shape for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to the plethora of brilliant new albums out right now, our productivity levels have gone through the roof. As such, we thought we’d share the music that we’ve haven’t quite managed to keep off repeat these past few weeks.

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Welcome to Creative Brew – an online collective highlighting individuals in the creative industry

Hello and welcome to Creative Brew!

Thanks for visiting our site – we can’t wait to see this creative collective take shape.

We’ve spent the last few days tweaking and fine-tuning the site to give you the best experience possible when browsing.

We’re still trying to iron out all the little kinks but we hope to have any major issues sorted over the next week or so.

However, we thought now would be the best time to give you a bit of background as to why we decided to set up Creative Brew.

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